Mastery, Identity, and Turning Off to Turn On with Eliot Jackson
The Be A Good Wheel PodcastMarch 26, 2024
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Mastery, Identity, and Turning Off to Turn On with Eliot Jackson

Amber speaks with Downhill Mountain Biking legend, entrepreneur, and Red Bull TV analyst, Eliot Jackson. In this conversation, they discuss how a risk-averse person can transform into a world-class downhill mountain biking pro, why chasing podiums isn't always the ultimate goal, the surprising parallels between downhill racing and broadcasting, the nuanced relationship between goals, results, and true success, why hard work alone doesn't guarantee victory in sports, the importance of finding the right process tailored to your individual journey, why pursuit of mastery can permeate every aspect of life, valuable perspectives on risk-taking, identity, and the profound significance of “turning off to turn on,” and the transformative power of embracing vulnerability in the pursuit of excellence. Whether you're an amateur athlete seeking inspiration or a seasoned pro craving fresh insights, this episode offers a wealth of wisdom to fuel your journey toward greatness. 

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- Grow Cycling Foundation

- Inglewood Pump Track

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