Concussion, Recovery, and the Athlete Mind with Dr. Anthony Alessi
The Be A Good Wheel PodcastJuly 02, 2024
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Concussion, Recovery, and the Athlete Mind with Dr. Anthony Alessi

Amber speaks about concussion in athletes with Anthony Alessi, MD and board-certified neurologist who specializes in neurology, neuromuscular diseases, EMG, and sports neurology. Dr. Alessi is a Clinical Professor of Neurology and Orthopedic Surgery and the Director of the NeuroSport program at the University of Connecticut, and neurologist for the New York Yankees and Connecticut State Boxing Commission. In this conversation, they discuss Dr. Alessi’s background in neurology and how he became the neurological consultant to the NFL Players Association, among other professional sports organizations. Dr. Alessi discusses the current science of concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), the challenges of working with athletes, the psychological impact of concussions, and the role of rehabilitation in recovery. Dr. Alessi debunks the myth that complete rest and avoiding screens is the best approach to concussion recovery, and shares what actually affects recovery time, including the role of exercise. He divulges insights about identifying concussions in race scenarios and emphasizes the need for awareness and action in protecting the brain health of athletes. He talks through symptoms and the steps for seeking treatment, including when to seek emergency care, what to look for in a specialist, and how to recognize if you need a different healthcare professional. He shares recommendations on how athletes, coaches, and parents can work with medical professionals and can exercise caution regarding unproven treatments and promises. Dr. Alessi highlights the plasticity of the brain and its ability to recover from injury with individualized treatment, including key considerations for treating athletes and guiding gradual return to activity. This conversation offers an in-depth look at the research, physiology, and real-world treatment of concussion in athletes, with actionable takeaways for anyone who works with athletes or regularly engages in sports or endurance activities. Dr. Alessi has offered to answer follow-up questions from listeners; send your questions for Dr. Alessi to While this information comes from a medically trained professional specializing and actively working in the areas of neurology and sports medicine, this podcast is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace professional medical advice. 

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